43 Tweety Quotes

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Turn out those lights!
You fwighten me!
I'm fwesh out!
Bad ol putty tat!
Ooh, what a hypotwit
Holey puddy-tat!
I did, I did taw a putty tat!
Do you like it, putty?
Oh, wook! Piddies
Uh-oh! Wrecked the putty tat
I tawt I taw lotsa puddy tats!
You did! You did tee a putty tat!
I tawt I taw a damn Yankee tat
Feed me! Feed me!
It's waining puddy tats!
Fifty wions and one puddy tat!
You'd be puny too if all you ate was birdseed!
Oh, come now! It can't be "that" bad
Hey, putty tat! I found lots of food!
You make my widdle heart qwiver!
Oh, Mr. Putty tat. Don't you wike me anymore?
Hey puddy dogs, could you use dese?
I get wid of more putty tats dat way!
What's a matter? Puddy tat got your tounge?
I thought I taw an itty, bitty puddy tat!
And then there's what, putty? What else is there?
Oh, there you are. Did you lose something, putty?
Goody-goody for me, I is runnin a choo-choo twain!
Thomas Jefferson? He's not Pwesident anymore. He's dead!
I tought I taw, I did! I did! I did tee Michael Jordan!
Aw! The poor putty tats! They faw down and go boom!
You know dat putty donna hurt himself, if he's not more careful
Oh-ho-ho! That's a good trick! I wish I could turn green like that!
Aw, da poor puddytat. He cah-wushed his widdle head
We don't have to worry, putty. There's enough food for a long time
Like said before: once a bad old putty tat, always a bad old putty tat
Aw, you need something in your tummy, putty tat, a nice, fat, juicy piece of salt pork!
If anything happens to me, Sylvester, it'll be too bad for you. You'll be made into violin strings
Aw, poor putty tat. We've got to find something for you to eat. Let's see, what do putty tats like to eat
You did! You did! You taw a putty tat, a moo-moo tow, a big gorilla, a giddyup horsey, and a wittle monkey
Hewwo? Fourth Interceptive Command? I tee an unidentified fwying object fwying awound my widdle head
I tat I taw a puddytat. I tat I taw another puddytat. I did, I did! I taw two puddytats. Have you two puddytats met?