32 Bugs Bunny Quotes

What's up, Doc?
Duck season, FIRE!
Also a wabbit hater!
Say, thems fightin woids
I'm just a little wabbit!
You might Rabbit, You might
Confidentially, I AM a wabbit!
How Halloweeny can ya get!
I own a mansion and a yacht
And I'm gonna save that train!
I dares ya ta step across this line
I don't ask questions. I just have fun!
Of course you know, this means war!
Eh, what's up, doc? You can't shoot a wabbit
I aint upside-downy Doc, YOU are!
Should've taken a left turn at Albuquerque
Be vewwy vewwy quiet, We're hunting Elmers
So long Sammi! See you in Miami!
Unga bunga binga inga binga binga bunga
Oh well, maybe I can shine it up and use it for an ashtray
No use change all the history books just for lil ol me!
Well whaddya expect in an opera, a happy ending?
Believe me, Finster, this hurts you more than it does me!
Ask me to weave? What about you? Where's your ticket?
Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive!
The rabbit is considered a kind and intelligent creature in Cambodian culture
Daddy! You're back from Peru! We thought you got run over by a elevator!
The fun you can have with a bunch of old rocks and a can of yellow paint
Ya know, some day scientists are gonna invent something that will outsmart a rabbit
If an interesting monster can't have an interesting hairdo I don't know what this world is coming to
I know lotsa things. I know that two and two is four, that George Washington was the foist president, that Carson City is the capital of Nevada